Apricot nectar, Domaine Rocheville 1l


Made without colourants and preservatives. Apricot variety l'Orange Provencal.


The Rocheville family grows their own apricots and the product is not available in all years.




It is best to just drink. Apricots have long been used in Chinese medicine.

There are many sources on the Internet where apricot products can help with digestive problems.


Cocktails (both with and without alcohol)

Apricot nectar is in many cocktails




Chicken fry inside the sauce



Lamb fry sauce http://www.bestrecipes.com.au/recipe/apricot-lamb-L1312.html

Apricot nectar 1l

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  • Apricot nectar 1 liter

    Best before "look at the cap". Shake before opening and keep cool after opening. Contains at least 40% apricot puree. Ingredients: water, apricot puree, sugar, concentrated lemon juice, ascorbic acid. Without paint and preservatives. Manufacturer: Domaine Rocheville, 26110 Nyons. Made in France. Importer Le Vignoble OÜ www.levignoble.net Nutrition Information (100ml)


    Energy content 247kJ, 56kcal

    Fats 0.144g

    Including saturated fats 0.012g

    Carbohydrates 13.40g of which sugars 13.11g

    Proteins 0.470g

    Salt 0.007g