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Grape: syrah, grenache, cinsault

Food: suitable as an aperitif (olives, tapenade), summer cuisine, exotic dishes. Vegetable gratins. Suitable for replacing white wine with fish. Grilled food.

: 10˚C

Color: salmon pink
Aroma: fresh bouquet of flowers
Taste: soft fruits, raspberry, lychee e. Chinese plum

Consume within 1-2 years.


Manual harvesting. Produced by the biodynamic method


Vegan: No ingredients of animal origin have been used in the manufacture of the product

Côtes du Rhone rosé BIO Cuvée Angèle (2021)

  • Domaine Rocheville is a small, multi-generational family farm in the pre Alps. In addition to grapes and wine, it also produces apricots and olives. The grapes are produced on 11 hectares. Domaine Rocheville is an "independent wine producer". It grows its own grapes, fermentes it into wine and markets it under its own name. The Federation of Independent Wine Producers brings together around 7,000 small and medium-sized French farmers.

    Domaine Rocheville, hometown of Nyons in the Southern Rhône, is known for producing a variety of high quality food.

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