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Bombardino is a Northern Italian mixture of eggnog and rum (or brandy). The name comes from the cocktail, which has a warming and stimulating effect after downhill skiing.

How to serve ?

There are several options for making a cocktail. In most cases, bombardino is served with sugar-free whipped cream in all variants. You can sprinkle cinnamon, cocoa powder or grated chocolate on top. An oblong cookie or wafer is inserted into the whipped cream.

In the summer version, Bombardino can be kept in the refrigerator and served with vanilla ice cream.


For those interested, hit the search term "Bombardino" on Youtube. 

Walcher Bombardino Alcohol 17%.

Components: rum, milk, sugar, egg yolk, natural fragrances.

Alcohol 17%

Bombardino Walcher 70cl

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