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Burgundy, Côte de Beaune area


Grape: Chardonnay


Food: Suitable for seafood, (seafood) pasta, spinach form. White fish in cream or butter sauce. Chicken pie. Crab or crustaceans. Ravioli. Pumpkin dishes.


Serving: 10 - 12 °C


Aroma: Pleasantly intense aroma, minerals and citrus Taste: Fresh taste with a slight bitterness


Color: Yellow with a slight greenish tinge


About the product: The 2016 wine vintage is produced on the principles of ORGANIC FARMING. For example, no herbicides are used for weed control and compost is used for fertilization. During the 2017 year, it is allowed to use the organic production label on the back label and from 2019 on the front label.

Chardonnay (2017) Bourgogne AOC, Domaine Jessiaume

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