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Grape: Gamay


Serve at:13˚-15˚C


Suitable for storage for 10 years. (Morgon wines are generally well preserving).


Food reccommendation: Suitable with stewed dishes and various meat dishes and baked cheese.


Soil: Granite Picked by hand

Color: Garnet red

Taste: Ripe plum, cherry, apricot


Alcohol 13%


Full taste dry wine

Morgon, Morgon AOC 2019, Beaujolais, Domaine du Penlois 75cl

  • Morgon village

    Morgoni is a larger village in the northern part of the Beaujolais wine region. The Morgon AOC (Protected Wine Region produces high-quality Crus (a wine area worth highlighting). The Morgon area is surrounded by hilly terrain with a wide variety of soils. ) and geology, different producers also have Morgons with different taste bouquets.

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