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Producer: Jacoulot


Alcohol 45%



Marc is a liquor distilled from pomace that is left over from winemaking, after the grapes are pressed.


At Jacoulot, we have opted to use marcs exclusively from Pinot Noir grapes, which are systematically « extra égrappés » i.e. made from grapes which have had the « rafle « (the stalk) removed before vinification.

This base material, rich in aromas, is then distilled in a pot still over the winter. During this process, known as the « chauffe », the water vapours will extract dozens of the Marc de Bourgogne’s aromatic components. The alcohol collected after distillation, with an alcohol degree of around 52%, will then spend many long years in our cellars, where it will age in oak barrels and vats of various sizes, ensuring the future complexity of the spirit. Time will work its spell and the alcohol will gradually evaporate that portion poetically referred to as the «angels’ share». After this long, patient ageing period, which can last for decades, the Marcs are finally blended to the Jacoulot style, before being bottled and shipped around the world.


The Authentic Jacoulot can be consumed:

- As an aperitif, served at cellar temperature

- During the meal, trou bourguignon with a green apple sorbet (this is French digestif)

- For dessert, a winemaker cup (une coupe vigneronne), marc with a blackcurrant sorbet

- As a digestif at room temperature in a snifter, with a warm cup of coffee


Marc can additionally used for deglazing of game and to develop more tastier sauces

- For coctails.

Marc de Bourgogne. Authentic Jacoulot 35cl

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